Saturday, February 15, 2014


More content and polishing will occur over the coming days but it is live! Monster Raxx discount, INSIDER only page up and first INSIDER giveaway is gonna be a great one (Covert Camera)!!!

Check it out HERE and visit the Facebook page HERE and like it to stay in touch and be elgible for the the giveaway for everyone who likes the Facebook page!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just days away...

Guys, I appreciate everything you have done for me! So many of you have emailed me seeing how everything is going and when the new site will be up. Well, good and bad news. The good is I'm launching the brand new site on Saturday....we will work through the kinks as we progress but we are going to start hitting 2014 hard!

The blog will still be utilized for updates, some videos and write ups...HOWEVER more good news is I am for the first time offering INSIDER only information! This will cost somewhere between $15-$20 for the ENTIRE year of 2014...pretty much a cup of coffee a month. This cost isn't to make me rich, trust me once taxes, camera cost, gas for travel and GIVEAWAYS I will not be making much if anything! However, that isn't the purpose of Small Acre Hunting; which is hopefully to encourage, teach and show hunters that even small acre parcels can be great hunting spots! All of my techniques can be applied to both small and large property owners, however all you see me do will be primarily on very small sub-20 acre chunks of ground!

So for the bad news....while the new site is going to launch there is still plenty of content not quite posted yet and available.

-The $15 Habitat Consultant PDF. This will be a basic how-to extensive (but short) write up on what are the 5 main questions I ask myself when tackling a property, hinge cut examples and explanations, food plot design and techniques....and much more. This will be made available as soon as time allows it to be completed and polished.

-The INSIDER club will be lacking in video content until Indiana's ridiculous winter lightens up some. Between the depth of the snow and the frigid sub-zero temps videoing is basically not gonna happen for the time being....but write ups and in house videos will be shown illustrating the new Candyland property I will be taking INSIDERs along to as we tackle the new property together.

So keep checking back as once the new site is up I will post it here and on various other sites to inform as many as possible! Once up and running be sure to check it out as there will be a 20%  Monsterraxx discount code on the homepage in celebration of the brand new site launch!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hey guys, great news! In 2014 Small Acre Hunting is going through a tremendous amount of change. A new website domain and design will be launched in an effort to bring everything I know and do on my properties to everyone who desires to learn along the way!

Many added features and ideas on in the works, so stay tuned!!!

Also just wanted to share something. Many people have asked me why do you believe in Monsterraxx Supplements....well they say pictures are worth a thousand words. Check out this post on HERE and you'll see tons of pictures (Tom keeps posting more so check back from time to time!).

*My father's buck story coming soon!